• In 2005, the Atlanta-area builder increased revenues 43 percent from the previous year, pulling in $175 million while closing on 615 homes.
  • Although the industry's slowdown has forced Winmark Homes to re-adjust its projections for 2006, the company still anticipates growing closings to between 650 and 700 homes.
  • In business since 1991, the entry-level and first-time move-up builder remains deeply entrenched in the Atlanta market, with little need to expand outside the area.
  • Bottom Line Company president Michelle Jenkins says although the family-run company has no plans to expand geographically, it will be making inroads into more areas in the Atlanta market and developing more product to accommodate any buyer in the market. And Jenkins says the company is well positioned to weather the slowdown because it already spent the past few years analyzing its processes to keep inefficiencies low and profits high. “We're not going to dump our product now,” Jenkins says. “We're holding on to our profits.”

    WINMARK HOMES 395 Brogdon Rd.

    Suwanee, GA 30024

    Phone: 770.614.3101

    Fax: 770.614.3143


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