The presidential candidates may not have said as much as some wanted about housing policy, but the affordable housing issues are on ballots everywhere from North Carolina to Hawaii. HousingWire staffer Kelsey Ramierez takes a look at the top 10 ballot decisions for affordable housing.

Ramirez spoke with Trulia Chief Economist Ralph McLaughlin who urges voters to remember the affordable housing decisions in their own backyard such as:

Proposition J: Funding for Homelessness and Transportation (and Proposition K: General Sales Tax):

This measure is on the ballots in San Francisco, and allows homeless services to be funded by a dedicated quarter cent increase in sales tax.

Or, Affordable Housing Bond Measure 26-179:

This measure is on the ballots in Portland, and allots a $258.4 million general obligation bond to fund affordable housing development. It is repaid through property tax increases.

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