Fast Company's Arianna O'Dell takes a look at 10 cities overseas that are actually possible--and affordable--to live in as an entrepreneur or freelancer.

NomadList recommends 10 international cities that are affordable home bases for digital nomads. In some, the cost of living falls below $1,250 per month. The top three include Bangkok, Thailand, Chaing Mai, Thailand, and Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei is an excellent place to expand your business without having to worry about breaking the bank," says Jason Wuerch, a digital nomad and founder of Frugal for Less. "The food is excellent, the people are friendly, and the public transportation makes it incredibly easy to travel within the city." It's a bustling city with plenty of co-working options, where you're sure to encounter a number of expats from around the world. LinkedIn suggests that there's been a recent upsurge in American expats heading to Taiwan for technology and professional-services jobs.

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