Pulte Homes is consolidating all its accounting functions into its headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., bringing 150 sorely needed jobs to the ailing local economy.

"We are consolidating our national accounting function into a single National Financial Services center," company spokesperson Mark Marymee said Monday, Dec. 1. "Currently, our accounting function is decentralized across approximately 30-plus divisions. We're seeking to standardize and optimize our back-office processes through the new NFS center."

The company expects to have the new center up and running by next spring. Most of those 150 positions will be new hires from the Michigan area, Marymee said.

The project is expected to cost Pulte $10 million over several years, but the company hasn't released any numbers on how much savings the consolidation will generate or how many jobs the new back-office operation will have compared to the former regional arrangement.