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  • 9 Myths that Affect Your Bottom Line

    From customer care and human resources to land strategiesand purchasing, misconceptions abound about how to operatea building business. These tips will ensure your firm runs smoothly.

  • Bob Mirman

    Customer care myth: Home buyer satisfaction increases in an up market.

  • Jamie Pirrello

    Finance myth: Every dollar of revenue should generate the same return.

  • Jason Forrest

    Service myth: The customer is always right.

  • Tony Callahan

    Purchasing myth: Price and cost are the same thing.

  • Veronica Ramirez

    Hiring myth: It's all about money.

  • Fletcher Groves

    Operations myth: Bigger is always better.

  • Jeff Handlin

    Land strategy myth: Builders need to pay more for land than developers.

  • Clark Ellis

    Operations myth: Land is the answer to all problems.

  • Martin Freedland

    Labor myth: Talent lost during the recession is easily replaced.

After several gloomy years of dealing with recession, many big builders are now enjoying record sales tied to overall economic growth and an improving employment picture. In fact, in certain markets, builders can’t produce homes fast enough to keep pace with the demand.

But the resurgence in the housing market presents a double-edged-sword scenario for the industry’s top executives who must now deal with labor and land shortages, rising material prices, and tightened credit markets. For companies strong enough to have weathered the storm, operations excellence will be more important than ever for keeping on a steady upward trajectory.

This special report offers hands-on practical guidance in a variety of focus areas, from purchasing and land acquisition to human resources and customer care. Editors have tapped into expertise from nine of the industry’s top thought leaders to lay out what building executives need to know to leave the downturn behind and effectively navigate a profitable future.

We started our conversations by asking a simple question: What is the biggest misconception builders have about your area of business operations? Their answers will surprise you.