8. Richard J. Dugas, Jr., Pulte Group 2014 Salary % Total
% Change Vs. 2013 Breakdown ($) Comp
Base salary 1,200,000 15.54%
Bonus 0 0.00%
Stock Awards 5,100,019 66.04%
Options Awards   0.00%
Non-Equity Incentive 1,380,000 17.87%
Change in Pension Value 0 0.00%
All Other Comp 43,022 0.56%
TOTAL COMP 7,723,041  

  • Dugas’ base salary was unchanged from 2013
  • The $5,100,019 earned in stock awards was split between two components:
         A. Performance-based, for hitting a target threshold of $2,550,000 (out of a maximum possible $5,100,000). The performance metric used is consolidated earnings before interest and taxes, divided by consolidated shareholders’ equity plus consolidated debt.
         B. Non-performance based award of 131,039 shares, adding up to a nearly identical $2,550,019
  • The non-equity incentive payout of $1,380,000 was earned against four metrics, including pre-tax income, adjusted gross margin, SG&A expenses, and inventory turns. By hitting most of the targeted scores in those four areas, Dugas fell short of the maximum $3 million possible, but close to the targeted $1.5 million.