Larry Mizel, CEO of MDC Holdings
13. Larry A. Mizel, MDC Holdings 2014 Salary % Total
% Change Breakdown ($) Comp
Base salary 1,000,000 21.65%
Bonus 0 0.00%
Stock Awards 0 0.00%
Options Awards 0 0.00%
Non-Equity Incentive 3,500,000 75.78%
Change in Pension Value   0.00%
All Other Comp 118,435 2.56%
TOTAL COMP 4,618,435  

  •  Mizel’s base salary was unchanged from 2013.
  • Mizel’s non-equity incentive compensation tally of $3.5 million was the result of achieving two performance goals at their target level.
         A. The company attained an adjusted pre-tax return on beginning equity of 10.1%, exceeding the required threshold of 6.5%, which was the condition precedent. 
         B. The company attained a Pretax earnings-per-share of $2.52 ("excluding $0.46 of charges and expenses incurred in connection with the early extinguishment of debt.") 
  •  The big drop in overall earnings reflect a change the company made in its non-equity incentives—last year, Mizel achieved the maximum $10 million, but the maximum was changed for 2014 to $6 million (of which he earned more than half