Scott D. Stowell, CEO Standard Pacific Homes
Photo: Business Wire
10. Scott D. Stowell, Standard Pacific Corp. 2014 Salary % Total
% Change Vs. 2013 Breakdown ($) Comp
Base salary 951,667 14.66%
Bonus 0 0.00%
Stock Awards 2,469,979 38.04%
Options Awards 1,385,000 21.33%
Non-Equity Incentive 1,679,567 25.87%
Change in Pension Value 0 0.00%
All Other Comp 6,063 0.09%
TOTAL COMP 6,492,276  
  • Stowell’s base salary was an increase from 2013’s $887,500. His $930,000 salary was raised to $1 million mid-year, resulting in the odd number.
  • The $1,679,567 target annual cash incentive compensation for Stowell was a maximum 250% of his salary based on the company’s pre-tax income, with a target of $325 million and minimum of $275 million. Since the company’s actual pre-tax income last year was $350 million, an award of $1,355,976 was earned. Another $323,591 came in a supplemental cash incentive that measured mid-year pre-tax income—the target was $215.1 million, and the company earned $196.5 million, resulting in a $323,591 bonus.
  • The $2,469,979 earned in stock awards represent long-term equity compensation—the restricted stock issued to Stowell vests in three installments if a threshold of pre-tax income is achieved, so the number of performance share issued to Stowell in 2014 depends on the company’s earnings per share for 2016. So this amount represents the grant date fair value of capped stock appreciation rights.