The idea of the American freeloader first caught the public's eyeballs when #47percent gained attention on Twitter in 2012. While the accusation went senselessly overboard, it is true that some states do receive a higher return on their federal income-tax contributions than others. WalletHub staffer John S Kiernan probes into the topic and ranks all states in the U.S. by federal dependency.

Kiernan compares the 50 states and District of Columbia in terms of three key metrics: state resident's dependency, state government's dependency, and federal contracts and grants to the state. Aspects that Kiernan's research covers include the amount of grants received per dollar in federal taxes paid, financial assistance rate per dollar in federal taxes paid, and gross domestic product per capita.

The 10 states that most depend on the federal government are: Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Montana, South Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Missouri.

The 10 most independent states are: Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Kansas, California, Illinois, Nevada, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New York.

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