Paul C. Saville, NVR Inc2014 Salary% Total
% Change Vs. 2013Breakdown ($)Comp
Base salary1,425,0007.40%
Stock Awards00.00%
Options Awards16,938,44787.93%
Non-Equity Incentive885,2094.60%
Change in Pension Value00.00%
All Other Comp14,0000.07%
TOTAL COMP19,262,656 
  • Saville saw a base salary increase last year of $325,000. “The Compensation Committee noted that Mr. Saville’s target total cash compensation was 8th highest among the 12 peer group CEOs,” read the statement, hence the raise. 
  • The annual bonus opportunity in 2014 for Saville was based 80% upon the company’s consolidated pre-tax profit (before consolidated annual bonus and stock-based compensation expense but after all other charges). The threshold was $471,709, and the maximum was $589,642—The company achieved $546,578, so Saville reached 63% of that portion of the maximum bonus opportunity. 
  • The other 20% of the annual bonus was based on the number of new orders (net of cancellations) that were generated compared to NVR’s 2014 annual business plan. The threshold was 11,263 and the maximum was 13,250--And in 2014, NVR saw new orders increase by 5%, to 12,389, so Saville earned 57% of that portion of the maximum bonus opportunity.
  • The bulk of his earnings were in Options Awards. The options will vest in 25% increments on December 31, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The vesting for the time-based options (which makes up half of that total $16,938 figure) is based solely on continued employment. The vesting for the performance-based options, the other half, is based on continued employment and NVR’s return on capital performance during the years 2014 through 2016—relative to its peer group.