What's the Story on Yesterday's Resales Numbers?What's the Story on Yesterday's Resales Numbers?

National Association of Home Builders economist Stephen Melman takes a shot at interpreting the latest--August--existing home sales data report from the National Association of Realtors. Not an easy assignment, as the numbers lend themselves to pointing to whatever conclusion you'd prefer to believe. We'd like to say the market continues to inch toward normalcy, i.e. more owner-occupier individuals buying a home to live in. Stay tuned. Read more

States Make Local GDP HeadwayStates Make Local GDP Headway

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta economic analyst Whitney Mancuso takes a look at Bureau of Economic Analysis data on the respective economic recoveries--or not--on a state-by-state basis from 2005 to 2013. Most states, she notes, have made headway, although Florida, Nevada, Connecticut, Arizona, New Jersey, and Michigan are laggers. Read more

U.S. Home Buyers Seen Boosted by Taiwan Rule Change

A change in regulations for Taiwan insurers may be proving a boon for U.S. home buyers. Read more

Income Compared to Spending: 1993 vs. 2013

Wall Street Journal staffer Rani Molla observes that over the past 20 years the... Read more

Home Purchase Mortgages Were Up in 2013Home Purchase Mortgages Were Up in 2013

Mortgage originations fell sharply last year as higher interest rates crimped... Read more

Gen Xers Take Home More, But Have Less, Than ParentsGen Xers Take Home More, But Have Less, Than Parents

CNN/Money staffer Tami Luhbi reports that Gen Xers have less wealth accumulated... Read more

HUD’s Castro: FHA Loan Fall-Off is Tied to the MarketHUD’s Castro: FHA Loan Fall-Off is Tied to the Market

Bloomberg/ BusinessWeek staffer Clea Benson reports that U.S. Housing and Urban... Read more

GSE Lawsuit by Investors Will Go On Despite Court RulingGSE Lawsuit by Investors Will Go On Despite Court Ruling

HousingWire staffer Trey Garrison reports that a ruling late Friday with U.S. District Judge Amy Jackson holding that Fannie Mae shareholders cannot sue the Department of Treasury in a derivative action may not be the blow to the shareholder case against Treasury that HousingWire first cast it as. Read more

Housing's Trillion Dollar QuestionHousing's Trillion Dollar Question

Wall Street Journal staffer Nick Timiraos takes on the toughest question facing... Read more

The Airbnb-Ready Home

Wall Street Journal staffer Steven Rosenbush talks about what it takes for a... Read more

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