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Cominfosec - Pedestrian Entrance Control

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  • 11 W. College Drive, Ste - L
    Arlington Heights, IL 60004 USA
    Erick Staniak
    (847) 847-1100

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North American distributor of Cominfo Pedestrian Entrance Control Products and Solutions - a leading ISO 9008 and 14001 Certified manufacturer of high quality automated entrance control turnstiles & gates for interior and exterior applications. A comprehensive portfolio from security tripod turnstiles, speedgates, full-height turnstiles, security revolvers, to custom solutions for airport and immigration self service entry portals. Specializing in "IT Enabled" innovative & unique patented products offering exceptional reliability and aesthetic appeal.
We enjoy working closely with architects and specialize in custom designs and finishes, if it can be done - we will do it !


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