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Cape Cod Weathervane Co.

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The Cape Cod Weather Vane Company is a division of Bendtek, Inc., focusing on copper gutters and other landscaping and garden accessories. The goal at the Cape Cod Weather Vane Company is offering a vast selection of high quality copper weathervanes at affordable prices.

Copper weathervanes have long been a staple of historic homes and businesses throughout the United States. They have now left the realm of simple utility and have entered the arena of fine architectural detail. In the right craftsmen’s hands, weather vanes take on the look of sculpture. With each passing year, copper weathervanes reach new levels of patina. With a quality installation, foot traffic passing a home will stop and note the detail. Whether a Victorian, brick-faced town home, or a colonial from the 1700’s, we know, that a copper weather vanes is a small touch that will make a big improvement to your home’s exterior. If historic renovations are in order, then a copper weathervane may be a requirement.


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