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Headwaters Incorporated, a building products company dedicated to improving lives through innovative advancements in construction materials, recently acquired the technology to manufacture a wide variety of concrete products without the use of portland cement. The technology uses 100% fly ash as the cementitious binder.

The technology was previously owned by CalStar. No operating assets were acquired in the transaction. The acquisition provides Headwaters with the exclusive ability to produce a wide variety of concrete products using Class C fly ash. Headwaters will incorporate ash procured by Headwaters Construction Materials, the largest manager and marketer of fly ash in the United States.

Over the past decade, CalStar developed a unique technology to manufacture concrete products without the presence of portland cement. Traditionally, concrete block, pavers, and brick are manufactured using a mix design that includes sand, aggregates, water, and portland cement as the binder material. The Calstar technology uses fly ash based binders rather than Portland cement to manufacture a wide range of engineered building products.

The Calstar based products allow architects and specifiers to reduce the energy and carbon footprints of their buildings, while meeting product classifications without compromising budgets. The technology uses proprietary reagents to activate the fly ash pozzolan into a durable cement. This process produces significant environmental benefits by incorporating up to 40% post-industrial content, and reducing the carbon footprint in the environment.


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