January Big Builder 2016 Table of Contents

Editor's Notes
End the 'Trap Fence' Era BUILDER End the 'Trap Fence' Era

Customer care's no longer an operational tactic; it needs to rank as a strategic pillar. Read more

Vegas Rules BUILDER Vegas Rules

Pardee Homes makes customer service the order of the day—every day Read more

Beyond Product BIG BUILDER Beyond Product

How builders move past sticks and bricks to put their customers first Read more

Four Steps to Great Service BIG BUILDER Four Steps to Great Service

Builders can learn a lot from retailers Read more

Putting on the Ritz BIG BUILDER Putting on the Ritz

What builders can learn from customer service powerhouses like the Ritz-Carlton Read more

From The Experts
Reducing Anxiety for Home Buyers BIG BUILDER Reducing Anxiety for Home Buyers

Three ways to improve customers’ experience and comfort during the sales process Read more

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