September Big Builder Supplement 2014 Table of Contents

Editor's Note
Simple Does It

A special supplement of Big Builder focuses on market demand of discretionary buyers' "wants" versus a wider population of would-be home buyers' "needs." Read more

Is the McMansion on its Way Out? Market Trends Is the McMansion on its Way Out?

As single-family homes get bigger, tomorrow's buyers seem to prefer efficiency and location over square footage. Read more

Beyond the Lot Line Social connectivity Beyond the Lot Line

As builders leverage the value of amenity-rich master planned communities, a finely tuned trade-off takes place between what's inside and outside the homes. Read more

Home Buyer Wants Vs. Needs Design Drivers Home Buyer Wants Vs. Needs

New-home design's most notable trends of 2014 are aimed at what buyers want. Read more

14 New-Home Design Trends for 2014

Demographics and socioeconomic factors play a large role in determining housing’s current new-home design trends. Read more

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