July 2014 Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Commitment to Science Propels Behr Forward made in america Commitment to Science Propels Behr Forward

A day in the life at the Behr headquarters in Southern California, where invention occurs in eight-hour shifts. Read more

Better Hot Water Better Hot Water

In the march towards instant and endless, efficiency standards keep water heating technology up-to-date. Read more

Healthy Living in Seattle Project of the Month Healthy Living in Seattle

The client’s intense desire to live in a house that was good for her family and the environment inspired architect Bradley Khouri to design a multifunctional, incredibly green, and highly livable place. Read more

Home Innovation Research Labs Committee Members Picked for Development of the 2015 NGBS

In cooperation with the International Code Council, ASHRAE, and the NAHB, Home Innovation Research Labs recently announced appointments to the Consensus Committee for the next version of the National Green Building Standard. Read more

NAHB Pushes to Protect Nation's Water Resources

Despite the Clean Water Act, the federal government’s role in protecting the nation’s waters remains poorly defined. Read more

For Homes That Look Solid, Entablature Is A Must Redline For Homes That Look Solid, Entablature Is A Must

In traditional homes, solidity is telegraphed by the space between the window heads and the roofline called entablature (cornice, frieze, and architrave). It holds the roof up, it transfers the loads, and it's what distinguishes solid-looking homes from flimsy ones. Here, Don Powers shows production builders how to up their game by including this subtle but essential part of the exterior. Read more

Small, Local Companies Dominate the Home Building Industry

Many small, local companies are responsible for a large payroll within the home building industry Read more

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