August 2014 Table of Contents

Housing Answers the Call BUILDER Housing Answers the Call

American production housing has always responded to the times, whether it was war, recession, urban flight, energy shortages, or consumers’ desire for more space. In this stunning timeline, we trace the evolution of the American home over a century of innovation. Read more

Future-Proofing the American Dream Future-Proofing the American Dream

What houses look like and how they function is changing to accommodate different family make-ups, population shifts toward denser areas, and increasingly extreme weather patterns. Tomorrow’s best housing solution isn’t all about high-tech systems, complex building techniques, or Jetson-esque designs, however. Read more

New Residential Building Products Products New Residential Building Products

Scarcity of space and raw materials are pushing Japan’s home building industry toward creating thinner façades and inventive multipurpose products. Read more

A Lukewarm Summer for Demand June Demand Index A Lukewarm Summer for Demand

Metrostudy regional directors gauge June demand levels for new homes, and new home building lots in 35 markets across the country. Read more

Callbacks Plastic Trim Performance Problems

Plastic trim expands and contracts. Since you can't prevent it, you have to allow for it. Read more

A Spa Bath That's Production-Ready Redline A Spa Bath That's Production-Ready

Architect Steve James of DTJ Design shows how production builders can deliver a spa style bath, affordably. Read more

Home Innovation Labs Names 30 Green Partners of Excellence

Thirty of the NGBS Green Partners are recognized for promoting high-performance building. Read more

NIST Test House Reports Energy Surplus Next NIST Test House Reports Energy Surplus

NIST's net-zero-energy test house in Maryland ends its first year with an energy surplus and lots of data. Read more

How to Prep Your Home for Solar Build Smart How to Prep Your Home for Solar

As solar becomes more affordable, it's smart to keep rooftop photovoltaics open as a future option for homes with a south-facing roof. Read more

How-To How to Protect Your Envelope With Service Chases

Smart builders are disentangling their wiring, plumbing, and mechanicals from their high-performance shells. Read more

Gold Nugget Award Winners Merge Affordable With Great Design Gold Nugget Awards Gold Nugget Award Winners Merge Affordable With Great Design

The affordable housing category was one of the most robust of all in this year's Gold Nugget Awards competition, as shown by these three trend-setting projects. Read more

Median Size of New Single-Family Homes Is Growing

Restructuring the housing finance system is necessary to restore the housing market to normalcy to meet the needs of a diverse population. Read more

Home Building Industry Is More Than Just Builders

The home building ecosystem offers rich diversity well beyond its traditional image. Read more

Housing Has to Hurt Before It Can Heal

Housing's healing—slowly—and it's painful to continue to have to work through its challenges, but delaying the pain only makes it worse. Read more

9 Smarphone-Controlled Products For Easy Home Management 9 Smarphone-Controlled Products For Easy Home Management

Check out a line-up of web-enabled devices to keep homeowners connected and in control Read more

What Consumers Want in Home Automation What Consumers Want in Home Automation

A new survey reveals that security is the No. 1 driver behind smart home adoption. Read more

Meritage Enters Atlanta, Completing a Two-Year Quest Meritage Enters Atlanta, Completing a Two-Year Quest

After two years of searching, Meritage enters Atlanta with its Legendary Communities purchase. BUILDER's Les Shaver talks with Meritage ceo Steve Hilton about the deal, the opportunity, and where Meritage is looking next on its mission to grow into recovery's widening sphere of markets. Read more

The Cloud is Calling The Cloud is Calling

Learn how cloud-based software services bring ease and transparency into job site communications. Plus, five providers popular with builders. Read more

First-Time Buyers and New-Home Demand: Reverting to Normal

Make way for the Millennial buyers. For the first time since 2005, the Current Population Survey shows a drop in the number of twenty-somethings living at home. Metrostudy's Brad Hunter assures this will improve new-home demand for first-time buyers in the coming years as Millennials leave the nest. Read more

BIG BUILDER TRI Pointe Takes Hold of Weyerhaeuser's Five-Jeweled Crown

TRI Pointe settles on its mammoth $2.8 billion deal to acquire Weyerhaeuser's five home building operations, a talent-rich operator group, 27,000 building lots, and five regional power brand names via a complex Reverse Morris Trust financial transaction. Here, from BUILDER's John McManus, is what the deal means to TRI Pointe, and what it means to home building's leading organizations. Read more

Big Builder
Simple Does It

A special supplement of Big Builder focuses on market demand of discretionary buyers' "wants" versus a wider population of would-be home buyers' "needs." Read more

Is the McMansion on its Way Out? Market Trends Is the McMansion on its Way Out?

As single-family homes get bigger, tomorrow's buyers seem to prefer efficiency and location over square footage. Read more

Beyond the Lot Line Social connectivity Beyond the Lot Line

As builders leverage the value of amenity-rich master planned communities, a finely tuned trade-off takes place between what's inside and outside the homes. Read more

Home Buyer Wants Vs. Needs Design Drivers Home Buyer Wants Vs. Needs

New-home design's most notable trends of 2014 are aimed at what buyers want. Read more

14 New-Home Design Trends for 2014

Demographics and socioeconomic factors play a large role in determining housing’s current new-home design trends. Read more

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