September 2013 Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Editor's Note Got Rot? Build It Right From the Start

Construction defects go viral with ugly photos and screaming parents, and those hurt your bottom line more than the defects—and building it right the first time. Read more

Heart of Stone Project of the Month Heart of Stone

A lodge-style Texas home with warmth, soul, and a sensible scale. Restrained details and friendly materials keep it from looking overblown and feeling cavernous. Read more

Debate Over Higher Mortgage Rates Dashboard Debate Over Higher Mortgage Rates

Metrostudy has been tracking the effects of higher mortgage rates on home sales and traffic in new-home builder models. Our survey results show increased volatility in traffic and sales, but the trends are indeed mixed. Read more

Iconoclash Do Green Building Ratings Need an Overhaul?

Two experts suggest that more elaborate standards will require better-trained raters. Read more

Rock the Roll Rock the Roll

Extra toilet paper can be stored in this clever, stainless cabinet. Read more

Game Changer A Health Care System Provides Affordable Homes for its Workers

The subsidized townhouses sold in the $100s to the $300s—less than one-third the selling price for market-rate homes. Read more

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