November 2013 Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Small Builder Survival Guide

Big builders have buying power, better access to financing, and lots in great locations. So how can small to mid-size builders survive – and thrive – in a world filled with behemoths? No. 1 strategy -- build what they don’t and where they’re not. Read more

Slideshow: The New American Home Stone Work Slideshow: The New American Home Stone Work

Check out this slide show for a glimpse of tile installation for the New American Home. Read more

New Home Sales Up 20%

But leading housing data company says total new home starts will be slightly lower than predicted. Read more

FourPlans FourPlans: Big (but Discreet) Garages

It’s a paradox: everyone wants more storage and parking space, but large garages can dominate a façade. The solution: these designs (each with room for three cars) downplay the garage with side entrances, split bays, and lovely adornments. Read more

BIG BUILDER Tricon, Johnson Development team on 2,046-acre successor to Houston's master of MPCs

Houston's a veritable home builder's hive of action thanks to the 100,000 new jobs created there in the past 12 months. The latest major play is a north-of-$50 million deal--funded with an $80 million investment account from Toronto-based Tricon Capital Group--that landed Johnson Development Corp. a 2,046-acre tract a virtual stone's throw from masterplannned community mother-of-them-all The Woodlands. Here's a deep dive on the deal from BIG BUILDER's John McManus. Read more

Dashboard Precise Maneuvering Needed When Buying Land

When it comes to lots, builders and developers need to move slow and steady to win the race. Read more

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