July 2013 Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Construction Should Help Resist Natural Disasters

Builders and homeowners should put forth the effort--and the money--to build houses that protect lives during natural disasters. Read more

A right-sized beach compound Project of the Month A right-sized beach compound

A beach house that consists of a series of outbuildings accommodates both solo living and a house full of guests. The house is built on grade, and its ideas provide inspiration for multi-gen living and universal design. Read more

Big Builders Control Major Markets Dashboard Big Builders Control Major Markets

Many major markets are dominated by 10 or fewer production builders. Read more

Iconoclash Should Tornado Shelters Be Mandatory In High-Risk Areas?

Questions of cost and freedom of choice color the debate over whether tornado shelters should be mandatory in high-risk areas. Read more

Rock On Details Rock On

This design detail shows how gabion, an industrial material used for retaining walls, looks good in residential applications, too. Read more

Tactics Newland Communities Rethinks Its Sales Centers

Newland Communities creates a more inviting home shopping experience for buyers by giving its new-home sales centers an overhaul. Read more

Tamko Impact-Rated Heritage Series Tamko Impact-Rated Heritage Series

The Heritage series caries a class-4 impact rating and comes with a 30-year limited warranty from Tamko. Deep natural colors and extreme durability set this product apart. Read more

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