April 2008 Table of Contents

Table of Contents

As bankruptcies mount, so do the repercussions. Read more

Architects Design Affordable Metal Shades On a Budget Architects Design Affordable Metal Shades

An architecture firm uses galvanized steel for inexpensive sunshades. Read more

A Waiting Game

Waiting is a hard thing to do. Leonardo da Vinci said, “I'm extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.” Considering the factors that have home builders as a group in waiting-for-the-bus mode, they're really not sure of whether they're going to get their way in the end. Part of the reason for the state of limbo is the disorderly exodus of investor buyers from what had been a handful of sizzling markets. Read more

Conforming Loan Limits Raised Government regulations Conforming Loan Limits Raised

The industry is hopeful that raising the conforming loan limit will move the market. Read more

Reclaiming assets Bank Divisions Come After Home Builders' Assets

Banks can turn from friend to foe when they come after a home builder’s assets. Read more

Builder Salesforces Need Overhaul, Listen More The Business of Sales Builder Salesforces Need Overhaul, Listen More

Builder sales teams need a makeover, and it starts with listening more. Read more

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