July 2007 Table of Contents

Table of Contents
From The President Now's the Time

Suppose you had exactly one minute to turn a “looker” into a “buyer.” What would you say? Would you talk about the quality of the homes you build, the upscale amenities you offer, or the community's great location, location, location? Under normal market conditions, any of those might close the sale. Read more

The Other Sides The Other Sides

From the looks of things, many builders subscribe to a theory about the exteriors of their houses: Buyers can have any siding material they want, so long as it's vinyl. But vinyl isn't the only game in town. Read more

On Deck Hitters

If you're old school, you probably like your music on vinyl, your cup of joe black, and your business luncheons at a steak joint with dark wood paneling. You're also likely to want your deck made out of wood. And who could blame you: Wood is attractive, inexpensive, and lasts a good 20 years—provided you choose the right species. Read more

Hid Denfees Deep Impact

VIRGINIA FINALLY PASSED A TRANSPORTATION bill this year, but builders are not happy about an open-ended road impact fee they claim Gov. Tim Kaine slipped in at the last minute. Read more

Communication Breakdown

UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES, Pulte Homes' annual shareholders' meeting in Birmingham, Mich., on May 10 would have been uneventful: The builder declared a 4-cent quarterly dividend, and its CEO, Richard Dugas, lamented sodden market conditions. Read more

Credit Manipulation Credit Piggybacking Fraud

MORTGAGE LENDERS ARE BEING WARNED about a practice that can make them think borrowers have better credit than they really do. For a fee to a credit rental company, consumers can boost their credit score by essentially renting another person's good credit history. It's called credit piggybacking. And, in nearly all states, it's legal. Read more

Sustainable Building Blocks Green Building Resources Sustainable Building Blocks

CAMBRIDGE, MASS.–BASED media company Blue Egg has launched what it is calling the largest online business resource for sustainable building professionals. Read more

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