February 2007 Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Beating the Odds Beating the Odds

Just when it seems as though the housing downturn has infiltrated every nook and cranny of the housing market, success stories emerge. We continue to find instances where builders beat the market, quickly moving attractively priced homes that exceed buyer expectations. Read more

Water Summit Feeling Dehydrated

Stories about water shortages usually emanate from the Southwest, desert climates such as Phoenix, Tucson, Ariz., and Las Vegas. That's why it's so interesting to hear that the HBA of Maryland is working closely with officials in Carroll County, west of Baltimore, to solve the county's water crisis. Read more

Land Trusts Banking Land

Legend Homes recently sold the last of 85 homes it built within a subdivision in Portland, Ore., called New Columbia. And because some of those houses are on land owned by the Portland Community Land Trust (PCLT), buyers could purchase them at prices 40 percent below market rate. Read more

A Piece of History The Wright Stuff

When Joe Massaro bought Petra Island, an 11-acre patch of heaven across the water from his main residence in Lake Mahopac, N.Y., he imagined it as the perfect spot for a summer cottage. What the retired contractor ended up building—a 5,000-square-foot dwelling based on sketches by Frank Lloyd Wright—is a structure that some scholars have already likened to “Fallingwater.” Read more

House Blend: February 2007

- In a case involving some of Detroit's largest residential developers, a federal jury finds the defendants not guilty of copyright infringement and unfair competition. - A recent study by the Consumer Federation of America reports that women are buying homes in greater numbers than ever. - Chairman of WCI Communities will not stand for re-election to the board at the Bonita Springs, Fla.–based builder's next annual meeting. Read more

Going, Going, Gone Going, Going, Gone

Bruce E. Sutter has many fans, even among those who have yet to use Builders Auction Co., in Houston. His is the first firm to make a business of auctioning model-home furnishings, most of which are out-of-date and unsuitable for new models. Read more

Eminent Response

at least 34 states have passed some form of eminent domain reform since June 2005, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of New London, Conn., in the infamous Read more

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