December 2007 Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Reality Check Reality Check

IF RENDERINGS ARE ALL YOU HAVE to showcase your next project, consider taking a page from developer Wade Johnson's latest venture, the 300-unit Trilogy Park in fast-growing Gwinnett County, Ga., near Atlanta. Designed to convey a high level of detail, the drawings effectively depict Trilogy Park's neighborhood design of four-corner parks, turf-buffered sidewalks, and tree-lined streetscapes to show buyers how those amenities would look once they were built. Read more

Glaze of Glory Glaze of Glory

WE'VE COME A LONG WAY SINCE the days of the single-glazed window. Back then, it was standard fare and we liked it just fine—that is, until energy savings became a rallying cry and insulated low-E glass became a big deal. Read more

Model of Efficiency Solar Power Model of Efficiency

AUSTIN, TEXAS-BASED WILSHIRE HOMES, which hopes to build about 725 homes in the Lone Star State this year, plans to increase consumer awareness of solar power statewide by installing a solar system in two model homes. Read more

Affordable Housing New Hope?

LAWMAKERS HAVE GIVEN initial reauthorization to HOPE VI, the federal government's major funding source for rebuilding dilapidated public housing. The House Financial Services Committee recently voted to renew funding for the program, which was scheduled to expire in September. The bill increased funding from the current level of $100 million to $800 million annually from 2008 to 2015. Read more

House Blend: December 2007

- A federal judge in California rules against a new employment measure by the Department of Homeland Security. - Incentive Real Estate is referring buyer prospects to builders participating in a program through which buyers earn up to 250,000 air miles fornew home purchases. - A recent study by the California Building Industry Association find that California's Hispanic homeownership rate is less than average for Hispanic Americans. Read more

That Toddlin' Town Market Deterioration That Toddlin' Town

Jim Hughes, co-owner of Wheaton, Ill.–based Wiseman-Hughes Enterprises, used to meet his friend, Buz Hoffman, president of Lakewood Homes, for lunch two or three times a year. But lately, they've had time to get together more frequently, because Chicagoland's usually unflappable housing market has been much less active than normal. Read more

Jumbo Comeback Jumbo Comeback

DICK KOVACEVICH, CHAIRMAN OF Wells Fargo, told the audience at the 37th Annual Bank of America Investor Conference in San Francisco that while the current credit environment may reek of “war, pestilence, and famine,” all hope is not lost for the nonconforming, or jumbo, loan market. Read more

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