August 2007 Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Reading the Tea Leaves Reading the Tea Leaves

Looking back at news reports on the housing industry over the course of the last year, patterns emerge that were difficult to discern while in the thick of things. After talking about soft landings for quite a while, this time last year analysts were starting to admit that a harder landing was underway. But most still insisted that the downturn would hit bottom in 2007, perhaps in the spring, with recovery to follow, slowly but surely. Read more

Walk This Way Walk This Way

GOOD SITE PLANNERS WALK A lot. They eye parcels of land from every angle, inside and outside their boundaries, before ever picking up a pencil. Read more

Keep an Ion Lithium Keep an Ion Lithium

ONCE UPON A TIME, POWER TOOLS came with a cord and life was good. Then came cordless, and life got better. Today, as more manufacturers adopt and perfect lithium-ion battery technology, tool users can be downright giddy at the prospects. Read more

Grassroots is Greener

MCSTAIN NEIGHBORHOODS' COMMITMENT to sustainability has long been evident in large-scale redevelopment projects such as Stapleton and Lowry, and, more recently, in its introduction of solar homes to TNDs in and around Denver. Read more

Running Interference A controversial lawsuit over land-use plans.

THE CALIFORNIA BUILDING Industry Association (CBIA) held a private meeting in May with state Attorney General Jerry Brown to discuss its concerns about a lawsuit filed by his office, which seeks to require San Bernardino County to rewrite its land-use plan to take into consideration the impact of development on greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

Demonstration Home HUD's first concept home.

HUD IS HOPING THAT THE ENERGY-efficient concept home it built in Omaha, Neb., will be a blueprint for the future of American housing. Read more

Luxury Market The ultra-wealthy are buying bigger, more expensive properties than ever.

WHATEVER THE CURRENT state of the economy, the world's rich are getting richer and are spending more and more on lavish estates. Read more

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