September 2006 Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Keep 'Em Happy

“What can I do to improve my cancellation rate?” That was a question asked at the end of a presentation I gave to a group of 150 battle-ready builders in Phoenix this summer. Sales of new homes there are off 33 percent through May. “For Sale” signs have sprouted up like weeds in new and existing neighborhoods. Read more

Fiberglass Menagerie Fiberglass Menagerie

FIBERGLASS IS THE MOST COMMON insulation in the United States, accounting for at least 75 percent or more of the market. Though the product is effective at insulating a home, manufacturers have found ways to make the product work even better. Read more

Energy Savers

AIR CONDITIONING A HOUSE IS THE costliest part of owning it. Though this has always been the case, rising energy costs mean that an efficient system is more important than ever. The fight to conserve energy took a giant leap forward earlier this year when a new seasonal energy-efficiency rating (SEER) standard for residential central air conditioners took effect. As of January, the minimum efficiency rating manufacturers are allowed to produce is 13. So what exactly does this mean? Read more

Immigration Reform Fed Up With the Feds

AS CONGRESSIONAL DEBATE ON immigration reform drags on, states and municipalities from coast to coast are taking matters into their own hands. Dozens of state laws and local ordinances have been passed, many of them targeting business owners who hire undocumented workers. Read more

Lumber Agreement Will the New Deal Fly?

THE ON-AGAIN, OFF-AGAIN LUMBER TRADE deal between the United States and Canada may be off again, say Canadian officials and industry executives. Read more

Internet Pick Home Safe

Unless they're way ahead of the curve, most builders don't know much about making homes healthier. Read more

Kitchen Confidential Kitchen Confidential

The floor plan has a small but efficient work triangle for everyday cooks, but it also has a butler's pantry and additional clean-up areas that can serve as a staging area for parties. Read more

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