April 2006 Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Service Magic

When it comes to customer service, April may indeed be the cruelest month. This is when the dreaded J.D. Power and Associates starts to mail out thousands of surveys to people who bought new homes within the last 16 months. Suffice it to say, if you are only now trying to wow customers with a magic trick, it's too late. Read more

The Simple Life

The average builder buys products for his homes from a variety of suppliers: lighting fixtures from one manufacturer and faucets from another, for example. Product lines by these companies may have some similarities but, by design, will not match exactly in style and finish. But this is changing. Read more

Open Wide

Earlier this year, at the International Builders' Show, Warroad, Minn.–based Marvin Windows and Doors introduced the new operable Ultimate Double Hung Magnum window, which measures a whopping 10 feet high by 5 feet wide. The introduction “is exciting because it's the first wood window to offer incredibly large sizes that perform to commercial standards,” Thomas Goetz, product planner for the company, said in a release announcing the window. Read more

Tear Downs Infill Law Review

Atlanta's City Council voted to nix a 120-day infill moratorium in February, but the issue of so-called McMansions has become so controversial that the city council has appointed a task force to revisit the city's infill regulations. Read more

Liberace Slept Here Condo Envy Liberace Slept Here

In 1960, european real estate giant Societa Generale Immobiliare paid $10 million for the 10-acre riverfront tract that was to become the infamous Watergate complex. When the site's namesake hotel closes its doors and re-emerges as 96 luxury condo residences in 2007, its penthouses are expected to fetch up to $9 million apiece, making it the highest-priced residential real estate in Washington. Read more

Second City Windfall

Last year was the first year that a Chicago-area builder sold more than 2,000 homes. Read more

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