Research by Trulia found that the majority of Americans (63%) described their relationships with their neighbors as friendly, with 10% considering themselves to be very close or best friends with their neighbors. Staffer Cheryl Young takes a look at the relationships between Americans with their neighbors which shows that 68% of Americans griped about their pet peeves despite the majority being friendly.

The generation that has been cited as the most sensitive are the millennials, with 83% claimed to have noise-related issues compared to just 67% of Americans as a whole:

This is not surprising given that millennials are younger and tend not to own their home at this stage of their lives. Millennials, for example, comprise a much higher share of renters (52%) than Gen Xers (37%) and baby boomers (22%), which likely suggests they are living in closer quarters with others and may be more susceptible to neighborly annoyances.

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