Housing costs take up the largest share of family costs, and Zillow predicts that prices will only get worse in 2016. New Geography staffer Joel Kotkin takes a look at the cost of housing an the effect that these spiraling expenses exert across multiple areas.

Kotkin takes a look at some of the factors that have lead to increases in housing costs such as inflating rent rates and a fall in housing production. He expounds on MIT's Matthew Rogline's assertion: much of the observed inequality is from redistribution of housing wealth away from the middle class:

Rognlie concluded that much of this was due to land regulation, and suggested the need to expand the housing supply and reexamine the land-use regulation that he associates with the loss of middle-class wealth. Yet in much of the country, housing has become so expensive as to cap upward mobility, forcing many people to give up on buying a house and driving many—particularly young families—to leave high-priced coastal regions...

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