Digital Map Products (DMP), a Costa Mesa, Calif.–based company that develops Web geographic information system software, says its new LandVision product will help builders with the land acquisition process, from researching acquisition opportunities to locating a property and the ownership and environmental issues associated with the property.

“LandVision offers a unique opportunity for builders and developers to dramatically [increase] the productivity of their land acquisition teams,” says company CEO Walt Stender. DMP notes that its other services are already being used by 50 percent of the builders and developers in Southern California.

DMP says the current land acquisition model that builders use is outdated. It requires real estate brokers, drive-bys, and specially trained staff to keep track of the process. Moreover, builders must rely on someone with local market knowledge. These factors add up to a costly and time-consuming process, the company says.

But now builders have a better alternative, Stender says. With LandVision, builders can use interactive mapping tools to enhance and expedite land acquisition capabilities by viewing a host of information associated with a property. It will also reduce risks associated with land acquisition through early exposure to negative characteristics of a property and improve margins by beating competitors and speculators to available land.

Stender says that users will be able to navigate online maps to explore terrain or to view information such as demographics, sub-market boundaries, or parks. Like many of the company's products, LandVision will be a subscription-based software service, the company says.

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