When people are looking for homes, location and price are often the non-negotiables. So Estately, a home search site, created a way for Washingtonians to find where exactly their budget fits in the D.C. metro area by using the Metro map.

Estately broke out the median home price along every metro stop in D.C. to show how just a mile or two could get people into a better price range for their needs. On average, the most expensive locations were along the red line, which largely cuts through northern Maryland and center city D.C. The Green line had the cheapest median prices.

Our analysis shows Bethesda Metro Station ($882,500) to be the most expensive stop in terms of real estate, and Naylor Road Metro Station ($143,000) to be the least expensive. While most Metro stops were priced similarly to their neighbors, there were a few where there was a huge jump in price. The median home price near Medical Center Metro Station is $755,000, but riders that remain on the Red Line for one more stop would pay $386,000 for a home near Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station. In fact, the $369,000 saved would be enough to buy two homes around the Suitland Metro Station on the Green Line.

Check out the full-size map on Estately to find where your project's location falls along the metro line.

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