Fast Company's Ben Schiller takes a look at the top cities and states that generate their energy from renewable sources, such as wind.

Clean Edge, a research firm, ranked states and metropolitan areas across multiple areas, such as how much clean electricity they generate, how they mandate for energy production, what they offer in tax breaks and subsidies, and how much capital they are raising for renewable energy businesses. California ranked as the top state, and it's also home to the top three cities: San Francisco, San Jose, and San Diego.

In 2010, only one state generated 10% of its energy from renewable sources. Now, 14 states exceed 10% renewables that aren't hydropower. Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas now get 31%, 25%, and 24% respectively from renewables (mostly from wind). California gets more than 10% just from solar (all types), while Hawaii is at 7%.

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