Los Angeles is known for the haze of smog covering the city from the migraine-worthy traffic for which the city is famous. Yet, that's not the only thing contributing to it. In this round-up, Los Angeles magazine names the four most toxic areas all within Los Angeles county.

First is the San Fernando Valley, where ground water is undrinkable form the generations of metal plating, dry cleaning and aerospace work. The EPA has declared four Superfund sites in the area, which have been slowly reaching solutions since the 1980s.

The San Gabriel Valley has a similar situation, where more than 30 square miles of groundwater are laced with TCE, PCE, and perchlorate.

Montrose Chemical produced mosquito-killing chemicals for 35 years, during which insecticide and other chemicals seeped into the soil and groundwater. Those contaminants have also traveled to the sea where nine miles of ocean floor have been affected.

Del Amo is the fourth site, having been home to the manufacturing of synthetic rubber for decades. The EPA recently pledged $55 million to the cleanup of PCBs, arsenic, and other contaminants, while a $22 million water treatment facility waits to go online. Homes in the area are being tested for harmful vapors.

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