Los Angeles has long been a city that is known for it's combination of the suburban with the urban, but with density coming to the city, developers now want to build up. New York Times staffer Adam Nagourney takes a look at the battle between developers who want to build up and city officials as well as residents that stand against the city becoming "Manhattanwood."

An initiative has begun in the city to impose a two-year moratorium on out-of-scale projects that require special city zoning variations. The initiative already has the necessary 67,000 signatures needed to be placed on the ballot. Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard J. Riordan (R) is a supporter of this initiative:

“Our city is rapidly being gentrified,” Mr. Riordan said. “The working poor — the lower middle class — are being pushed out of L.A. They are giving building permits to the developers, the ones that give money to the politicians, to build high-rise buildings.”

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