TELECOMS AND CABLE companies will spend much of 2006 trying to convince builders and developers that they can deliver voice, data, video, and even wireless service in bundled packages that make moving into a new home easier and life better for home buyers.

At press time, Qwest announced plans to offer a service bundle to Kennecott Land's Daybreak master planned community in the Salt Lake City area. Daybreak is being developed on a 4,126-acre site and will include more than 13,600 residential homes. The plan is for Qwest to install a fiber backbone and deliver 5-megabits-per-second Internet access, local and long distance phone service, Qwest's all-digital TV product, and wireless service.

Expect the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) and cable companies to announce similar deals with developers and home builders throughout 2006. As the year ends, Verizon is slowly rolling out its fiber-based FiOS TV video service, and Comcast is on pace to offer voice service in all its service markets by the summer of 2006. The packages are very price competitive. Comcast offered a voice, data, and video package in the Philadelphia area earlier this year for $99 a month. Pricing from the RBOCs is not as low, but when you add in wireless service, they are also quite competitive.

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