Studies from the The Bureau of Transportation Statistics as well as the American Public Transit Association reveal that the number of public transit riders in 2015 was lower than it was in 2014, with the former study citing that ridership was also below 2013's number. Newgeography staffer Steven Polzin takes a look at the difficulty associated with consistently growing transit ridership.

Polzin takes note of the 3.5% increase in vehicle miles traveled for 2015 and surmises that, compared with other factors, suggests the new normal for travel is actually the old normal. However, he notes other factors in society that point to a bright future for transit:

Sprinkle in technology enhancements that enable real-time information, robust trip planning, automated and more convenient fare collection, and integrated first-mile last-mile opportunities; add a dash of heightened concerns about climate change; and there remains a credible argument that transit has a bright future.

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