It's no secret Copenhagen has long been making room for bikers on its busy streets, but its new traffic lights are finally allowing cyclists to rule the road.

With the hopes of being carbon neutral by 2025, Copenhagen is working to encourage more people to give up their cars for bikes or public transit. The city is spending $8.9 million to install 380 smart signals that can spot and prioritize buses and bikes, with an ultimate goal to decrease bus travel times by five to 20% and cyclist travel times by 10%.

The buses will communicate their position, number of passengers, and any delays to the traffic signals, the city says. Green lights could be extended by eight to 30 seconds to keep buses moving, and those that are overcrowded or running late would get priority.

To help cyclists along, Copenhagen has already created a handful of “green waves”—stretches of road where lights are timed so cyclists (and anyone else traveling around 12 mph) never hits a red light. The city will program the new signals to create three or four more similar corridors, with the added ability to detect cyclist speed (using traffic cameras) and adapt accordingly.

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