A current map of the Sunset Plan.

Placer County planners will be holding a series of public workshops over the next month in order to gain feedback about a development plan revision for the 8,900-acre unincorporated Sunset area.

The current Sunset plan, which was formed in the 1990s, already includes 2,200 acres of residential space for the Placer Ranch development, a county project with no current developer. Placer County supervisors would like to re-designate more of the Sunset land for further residential development.

Though the new plan is still in flux, [says planner Sherri Conway], an area on the western boundary of Sunset currently designated as “urban reserve” could be a place for more residential zoning. The draft version planners are working on calls for light industrial uses in the southeastern portion of Sunset, west of Highway 65. Land around the existing Thunder Valley Casino is designated “entertainment mixed use,” while 400 acres to the west of that is designated for an “innovation center.”

A final version of the plan will likely not be ready until early 2017.

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