The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab and and Deloitte, the auditing firm, are hoping to make the job of making sense of data and metadata a bit easier. The two firms have converged to put data about jobs, housing, demographics, health, and education for every city in one easy-to-access and easy-to-use database.

DataUSA launched Monday, pairing the power of the data with visualizations of anything from the economy to housing. There's a corner of the site called 'stories' that highlights specific trends and the data sets available to track them.

“It’s different from other sites because, in this case, we’re making data available not in the way that it’s collected, but in the way that it’s being used,” said Cesar Hidalgo, director of the MIT Media Lab's Macro Connections group. ”We’re taking data that was very deep in the web to the surface of the web.”

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