With its Idlewild community in Fredericksburg, Va., Ryland Homes demonstrates the pride it takes in creating unique communities with respect to the land, its history, and its residents—both past and present. The 400-acre master planned community, host to approximately 800 home sites, was designed to reflect its Civil Warera roots. Homes boast a neo-traditional style while the community is anchored by the Idlewild Mansion, a boulevard-style main street, a general store, and a 151-acre public park.

To create a more authentic style at Idlewild, Ryland offered 11 distinctive product lines. However, the builder staved off the inefficiencies associated with a diverse product offering through the use of street scripting, a detailed pattern book, and expert site planning. Street scripting allowed Ryland to pre-select building materials before homes were sold, while the pattern book, with its controlled materials list, permitted material sharing among elevations. Idlewild's site planning limited production to one portion of the community at a time, allowing the community to open in neighborhood clusters and keeping job site materials and trash corralled.