Mark Stapp, director of the Masters of Real Estate Development at Arizona State University says an urban core is connected activity centers of different intensity across a landscape.

Phoenix Business Journal reporter Eric Jay Toll writes a urban core is a compact and dense development area, with high-rise residential, commercial places of work, and retail shops. An urban core attracts millennials because of the modern and environmentally friendly features of the area, however, it's also holds a mixture of generations, showing it's not about age. In terms of personality, a productive person is typically attracted to an urban core.

“This is the place people who want to be cool and hip are going to live,” Stapp said. “People want to live in urban cores because the environment feels good. It’s just plain good for health and productivity.”

“Health and wellness is important to these people,” said Stapp. “They understand that the (most common) illnesses are essentially lifestyle-relative. Living in a core area encourages people to take advantage of the walkability.”

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