Gallup Good Jobs heat-map

Labor market conditions are strongest in the northern Great Plains and Mountain states and near the nation's capital.

Gallup analyst Ben Ryan explores the results, the trends, and the underlying economic reasons that account for the latest Gallup Good Jobs geographic analysis. Bottom line take-away, a cluster of states in the Northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountain regions -- including Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado and Iowa -- all made the top 10 on this measure. West Virginia (38.3%) had the lowest GGJ rate of all the states for the second consecutive year. Here's Ryan's big conclusion:

The most robust labor markets in the U.S. continue to center around the northern Great Plains states and the nation's capital, with consistently high rates of full-time employment for an employer and relatively low underemployment.

Underemployment remains a more serious problem for states on the coasts -- California, New York, New Jersey and Florida -- than for those in the interior of the country. However, full-time employment for an employer continues to lag behind in many areas of the country despite other signs of stronger labor demand.

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