A recent survey from HomeAdvisor gauged the happiness of almost 18,000 current homeowners across the nation to determine where households were most satisfied.

Despite the high housing costs in California, homeowners in The Golden State ranked highest for happiness. San Francisco (No. 1) and Los Angeles (No. 2) were the happiest cities in the nation.

California was followed by Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arkansas in the top 5, with Denver, St. Louis, and Seattle being the happiest cities behind those in California.

Meanwhile, Delaware was home to the least happy owners, along with (in order) New Jersey, Indiana, Maryland, and Mississippi. Baltimore, was the unhappiest city in the nation, followed by Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee.

Homeowner happiness seemed to revolve around three key factors: accessibility, community, and dwelling. Scores were higher in states and cities with practical commutes and access to transportation, communities with a strong sense of neighborhood network, diversity, and safety, and affordable, well-functioning homes.

The study also found that size was less important to homeowners than a house with good style and natural light, and that homeowners will endure longer commute times to live in a neighborhood that they prefer.

"A homeowner's quality of life is more likely to be dependent on their community and access to important attractions and services than it is on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in their home," said Dr. Karen Ruskin, HomeAdvisor's happiness expert and a tenured psychotherapist in a news release. "Our research shows that homeowners are happiest in urban cities with good weather, an active culture, arts scene and higher income levels."