Fort Worth-area Watauga, Texas is the hottest zip code in the U.S., according to has examined metrics such as overall home listing views, median listing prices, and percentages of homes owned by millennials in order to determine which U.S. zip codes are in the highest demand among buyers. Many of their top results offer a lower cost of living in close proximity to more expensive housing markets and employment centers.

Watauga, Texas (76148), a Fort Worth suburb where homes have a median listing price of $137,000 and sell within an average of 17 days, lands at the top of this list. Forbes’s Renee Morad notes the zip code’s proximity to “great restaurants and breweries”, as well as the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Christian University as major sports attractions.

Among the survey’s 10 hottest ZIP codes in America…there’s average job growth of 2.3% and an unemployment rate of just 3.8% this year. In addition, household growth, which represents expanding families, has increased 6% over the past five years. The median home price in the top 10 neighborhoods is $331,000, and the number of millennials earning more than $100,000 is 1.8 times higher than the U.S. overall, according to

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