Forbes recently put together a list of the top cities for college-educated workers with at least 10 years of experience. Staffer Erin Carlyle takes a look at the formula that was used by Forbes to determine these top 20 cities and explained why the number two city, Indianapolis, is a favorite for this demographic.

Outside of Indianapolis, the rest of the Midwest was heavily featured on the list. Surprisingly, the Bay Area even found its way to the list:

Perhaps not surprisingly given its lower cost-of-living, the Midwest dominates our list, landing nine of the 20 spots. Cities in the South (Georgia, North Carolina) nabs three of the Best Cities for Mid-Career Professionals, while cities in the Rocky Mountain states (Utah, Colorado) take another three. Cities in booming Texas take two spots. Even the Bay Area, with its outrageous cost of living and home prices, manages to land two places on the list, thanks to its happily high salaries

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