The concept of tiny homes has become fairly popular in states across the country, with California, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas featuring the most so far. But Karissa Neely of the Associated Press reports that the trend has also made its way to Utah county.

However, although tiny homes don’t take up much space, it’s tough to find a place to put one in Utah due to zoning restrictions in many municipalities. American Fork has discussed the idea with some tiny home builders, but zoning for a tiny home or micro-home development is not on its master plan, according to Audra Sorensen, American Fork’s director of economic development.

“If a developer had acreage and was interested in that, that’s when the conversation would take place. But are we zoned for that? No. Because these mini homes have never been something we’ve considered, there’s no zoning for it. The developer would need to propose a rezone,” Sorensen said.

Dennis Marker, the Santaquin assistant city manager, said his city considering changing the city code to allow tiny home planned unit developments due to resident interest.

"Trends are changing from quarter acre lots to smaller lots and smaller units. We’re working to incorporate them into the code,” Marker said. “

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