Depending on where you live, there could be a large difference in how long you'll live compared to someone in the next neighborhood over reports Fast Company writer Ben Schiller.

In some cities, like Richmond, Va., and Philadelphia, you can travel just five miles and take 20 years off of your life, according to new research from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). The university produced a series of subway maps showing the average life expectancy around the city.

The maps emphasize that health is dependent not just on health care, but also on a range of factors such as education and job opportunities, access to housing, healthy food, physical activity, clean air, and other social services such as child care. RWJF promotes communities that have a "culture of health" that go beyond good clinics and hospitals.

"Some neighborhoods have more liquor stores than grocery stores, lack safe and affordable housing, or have poor quality schools. Many urban and rural areas have experienced generations of isolation from opportunity," says Derek Chapman, at the VCU Center on Society and Health, in a press release.

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