CityLab demographics guru Richard Florida combs through analysis from Trulia, which exposes the nation's most expensive metros, and which age groups--i.e. Millennials--are moving out to find greener pastures elsewhere.

Florida notes that of all the age groups, Millennials were most likely to move away from these metros, and had the highest move-away rates relative to expectation. He writes:

Americans ages 18-34 had a move-away rate relative to expectation of more than one hundred percent (105.6 percent) compared to negative rates for Americans ages 35 to 54 (-28.5 percent) and 55 and up (-48 percent). Of course, Millennials have far higher rates of mobility and include people moving both for and after college.

While you're at it, also check out Quartz analysis from contributor Michael J. Coren on the same subject matter, but with some different take-away insights. Such as this one:

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