New York's Queens Plaza, Far West Side, and Downtown Brooklyn are seeing the construction of new neighborhoods that have helped them to attract new (younger) residents and become places of choice rather than last resorts. New York Post staffer Zachary Kussin reports on the 29,006 units in the pipeline in these three neighborhoods, which may appear to be 'ghost-hoods' now but are filling up quickly.

Many new residents are moving to these neighborhoods due to their subway access, but others want to be a part of their upcoming evolution:

“We’re growing with the neighborhood,” says QLIC tenant Ellen Norona, who’s lived in a one-bedroom with her husband since October. She adds that a Birch Coffee location is a nearby newcomer, which she likes because it’s better than your run-of-the-mill coffee house, and it holds events. “A part of the reason we want to renew our lease is to see how it’s going to evolve, now that things are slowly starting to come up.”

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